The Tao of Tea Lychee Black Tea

There’s always room for more lychee fla­voured tea, and this is The Tao of Tea Lychee Black Tea. It’s a loose leaf tea, which as a gen­er­al rule, deliv­ers on fla­vour more so than those in tea bags.

Steeping 3 grams of loose leaf in 200 ml of 85°C water for 90 seconds yields a red-brown liquor that smells of black tea with its nat­ur­al sweet­ness and mel­low lychee notes.

The ini­tial notes in the smell trans­late to subtle notes of rose-like lychee fla­vour in the head before the sweet rich­ness of the black tea emerges to cre­ate a smooth body that com­ple­ments and enhances the bright­ness of the lychee notes in the fin­ish, with the slight­est astrin­gency in the after­taste. The lychee fla­vour — more of an essence than fresh fla­vour — is prom­in­ent but the tea is still very much iden­ti­fi­able as being a black tea.

Overall, this is an enjoy­able black tea, per­fect for pair­ing with mildly spicy foods and dry desserts.

This tin of The Tao of Tea Lychee Black Tea con­tained 114 g. The tea ori­gin­ated in China and was pur­chased online from the United States of America in 2016.