The Pie Tin, Newtown


Tucked away from the bustle of King Street in Newtown is The Pie Tin, a place that serves all things pie.


Whether you’re in the mood for savoury pies, sweet pies or sweet pies in a milk­shake they have you covered.


Savoury pies range from $6.95 to $8.95, and for an extra $6.00 you can add two hot sides/​salads or chips. This is the Sweet Roasted Duck with Cointreau & Seasonal Vegetables.


The pies are much deep­er than your stand­ard pie, giv­ing much space for the deli­cious innards. The sauce brings everything togeth­er with a very enjoy­able mild sweet­ness that com­ple­ments the melt-in-your mouth tender duck and the soft veget­ables (spin­ach and car­rots). I’d eat this pie again!


N tried the Butter Chicken with Green Beans with sweet potato fries. The pie is packed to the brim with chick­en and green beans, which N enjoyed, although it could have been more moist or had more curry sauce even though it’d make it messi­er to eat. This led her to com­pare the but­ter chick­en to the type you can get at food courts as it lacked the sweet and creamy sauce that bathes the but­ter chick­en at Paradise Biryani House.

The kumara fries a bit heav­ily salted, but oth­er­wise lightly crispy on the out­side.


T went for the Slow Roasted Shredded Pork with Apple & BBQ Sauce dus­ted with paprika. Again, this pie is packed with innards as seems to be the norm here. The pie was fla­vour­some, although T couldn’t detect any apple in his sauce. Unlike N’s, this pie is filled with meat juices, which T would have enjoyed more if it were of a gravy (or BBQ sauce) con­sist­ency.


But onto the sweet pies, which are 7.95-$8.95 per slice, with slices of the apple pie being $10.95. This is the Whipped Lime Pie. N and I like our cit­rus hits to be strong, and unfor­tu­nately, this one did not hit the spot. The lime cream was sweet without being zesty or sour in the least. The dis­pro­por­tion­ate amount of plain whipped cream piled on top mel­lowed the lime fla­vour even fur­ther. T enjoyed the subtle fla­vours of this pie, though.


And this is the Maple Soaked Strawberry & Chocolate Pie. I was drawn to the maple aspect of this pie, and unfor­tu­nately found no hint of it in either the straw­ber­ries on top nor in the chocol­ate pie itself. As a chocol­ate pie, though, it’s much like a good, rich brownie with the cocoa adding an extra hit of bit­ter­ness to cut through the sweet­ness and the crust provid­ing some crunchy vari­ety in tex­ture.


The Pie Tin makes some decent pies, with the slow cooked duck being the standout. We must return to try their oth­er pies, par­tic­u­larly the sweet ones, to unearth some more standouts.

The Pie Tin is at 1a Brown St, Newtown NSW 2042.