Sugi Bee Garden Yuzumitsu

Yuzu-fla­voured foods were a con­stant theme dur­ing our trip to Japan in 2015. So, a vis­it to Sugi Yohoen on a trip to Miyajima Island saw us leav­ing with Sugi Bee Garden Yuzumitsu, a honey fla­voured with yuzu juice. D and I love yuzu for its bright and uplift­ing fla­vour that com­bines the best of many cit­ruses — the sweet­ness of a man­dar­in, the sour­ness of a lem­on, and the bit­ter­ness of a grapefruit — in mel­low bal­ance.

Citus fruits con­tain cit­ric acid, mak­ing this Yuzumitsu is great for recov­er­ing from fatigue and refresh­ing the body. As with the oth­er honey fla­vours by Sugi Bee Garden, this honey can be used as a top­ping on desserts, pan­cakes, yoghurt and ice cream or in recipes and cock­tails. Our pref­er­ence is to use it in a refresh­ing drink.

At the recom­men­ded ratio of 1:5, the bright yel­low honey dilutes to the pale yel­low col­our of pub squash. Bright notes of yuzu with a slightly bit­ter edge comes through in the head, but an intense sweet­ness from the honey fol­lows quickly to keep the bit­ter­ness in check. Combined with the honey, the yuzu notes re-emerge with a mel­low­er fla­vour in the fin­ish, leav­ing a refresh­ing after­taste. Like the Kyohou & Honey, there is no dis­tinct flor­al note from the sweet­ness of the honey, and the drink remains enjoy­able with a mel­low­er sweet­ness at a ratio of 1:8.

This bottle of Sugi Bee Garden Yuzumitsu con­tained 300 g. It was pro­duced in Japan and bottled on Miyajima Island, Hiroshima, Japan in 2015.