Rice Workshop, Sydney


A good rice bowl is hard to beat. So N and I have been want­ing to try the Japanese rice bowls at Rice Workshop in Westfield Sydney since it first opened in mid-2015.


With ever the soft spot for raw fish, N and I try their Salmon Ontama Bowl ($10.50), with cubes of raw sal­mon mar­in­aded in soy sauce and mir­in, topped with dried sea­weed, a soft boiled egg, some pickles and slices of ginger.

The bowl was rather under­whelm­ing. It tasted all right, but it looked and tasted hast­ily thrown togeth­er. The soft boiled egg was past the point of deli­cious gooey and runny innards, and firm like a poached egg. The sal­mon was pleas­antly mar­in­aded, but there wasn’t enough to go with all the rice. I would have pre­ferred the ginger and pickles on the side, as their fla­vour is much of a per­son­al pref­er­ence.


T tried their Gyudon with Egg ($9.20), with slow cooked beef and onion stew in a soya broth of herbs and spices. Presentation aside, T was unim­pressed with the dry­ness and tough­ness of the thin slices beef that stuck togeth­er, as well as the over­cooked egg.


And the crab cro­quette ($2.50) was creamy with bits of crab stick and a crispy coat­ing. It would’ve tasted bet­ter hot, but it was much bet­ter than the sea­food cro­quette at Tenkomori.

Rice Workshop is loc­ated at Level 5, Westfield Sydney, 100 Market Street, Sydney NSW 2000.