Passion Tree, Chatswood

A lot’s changed in Chatswood in recent years, with the redevel­op­ment of the area around the train sta­tion into Chatswood Interchange liven­ing a once dreary area. Along with some 70 oth­er stores, Passion Tree is a cafe with desserts to sat­is­fy any sweet tooth.


I’d seen that Passion Tree had a Matcha Mochi Pancake Stack on their menu and got­ten excited over the prom­ise of super fuwa fuwa mochi pan­cakes. So a pit stop on the way home from Tokyo Mart in North Bridge was required. We’ll drive across Sydney for Japanese gro­cer­ies, but not for just a cafe. We have pri­or­it­ies.


And lo and behold, this is the Matcha Mochi Pancake Stack ($14.50).


The Matcha Mochi Pancake Stack has adzuki paste between the bot­tom and middle pan­cakes, con­densed milk between the middle and top pan­cakes, pooled in a matcha sauce and topped with mochi pieces, a scoop of matcha ice cream, crispy white chocol­ate crisps, and a waffle cone.


To my severe dis­ap­point­ment, these were not mochi pan­cakes. They’re stand­ard but­ter­milk pan­cakes. The ‘mochi’ in its name refers to the pieces of mochi arranged atop the pan­cake stack. Disappointment aside, these pan­cakes were soft and but­tery without being too dense. Eaten with the adzuki bean paste, it recalled deli­cious fla­vour con­trast of ogura toast (toast with savoury but­ter and sweet anko) in Nagoya.


The wafer cone and white chocol­ate crisps gave good crunch to the soft­ness of the stack. The green tea ice cream, though, was milky and sweet, without the bright­er and bit­ter notes of matcha ice cream. The pan­cakes would’ve benefited from either a bright­er green tea fla­vour in the ice cream or more matcha sauce as it sorely needed some­thing bit­ter to cut through the sweet­ness of everything else on the plate. Overall, it’s a decent dessert, although I nev­er quite got over my ini­tial dis­ap­point­ment to truly enjoy it.


And of course, for D, we try the Campfire S’mores ($8.90).


Like my expect­a­tions for the pan­cakes, D had expect­a­tions for a cold drink, only to dis­cov­er the Campfire S’mores was a hot chocol­ate. Unmet expect­a­tions aside, this is a good hot chocol­ate and def­in­itely one for huge fans of chocol­ate, like D. Describing the fla­vour of chocol­ate as ‘intensely rich’ is an under­state­ment. It’s not too sweet or dark, just so rich that inter­mit­tent sips of water provide wel­come relief. A touch less rich­ness would’ve made the hot chocol­ate more enjoy­able. The toasted marsh­mal­lows and slightly salty Oreos added tasty tex­tur­al con­trast.


Passion Tree serves up some decent desserts, mak­ing it a pop­u­lar hangout for young people.

Passion Tree is at Chatswood Interchange, T67/​436 Victoria Ave, Chatswood NSW 2067.