Oiden Bowl Bar, Sydney


Our rice bowl crav­ings not sat­is­fied the week earli­er by Rice Workshop, T and N joined me at Oiden Bowl Bar.


N and I had pre­vi­ously tried their Ontama Salmon bowl to great dis­ap­point­ment, so we returned this time to try the more sig­na­ture rice bowls on their menu.


This is the CHO (Curry, Hashed Beef, Ontama) combo ($8.90), a rice bowl with ‘homemade Japanese curry, Japanese style hashed beef, and half boiled egg and coleslaw. It’s per­fect when you want to try both the Japanaese Curry Rice or the Japanese Style Hashed Beef Rice. And espe­cially so here, when they divide the bowl into thirds so the sauces don’t mingle.

Hayashi rice is a thick-demi-glace sauce made from red wine and tomato sauce and con­tain­ing beef, onions, and but­ton mush­rooms that’s served with steamed rice. Here, it had a pleas­ant sweet­ness and slight acid­ity, recall­ing a mel­low BBQ and tomato sauce. Japanese curry is sweet with little heat, and here, the curry fla­vour was spot on but without heat. I’d have appre­ci­ated a slight heat with some hunks of potato. The egg was beau­ti­fully runny, although cold, and the coleslaw added some fresh­ness, although I could’ve gone without.


And these are the Beef Croquette ($2.50) (left) and Curry Croquette ($2.50) (right), which T and I shared. The bits of beef mince in the potato mash of the beef cro­quette added tex­ture, while the fla­vour of curry in the curry cro­quette was very faint com­pared to the taste of the curry with the rice. Both were warm with a crispy crumb.


T tried the Ontama BBQ Wagyu Beef ($10.90), a rice bowl with grilled sliced wagyu beef, ori­gin­al BBQ sauce, coleslaw, ses­ame seeds, pickled ginger and half boiled egg. He enjoyed the smoky fla­vour and the fatty bits of the grilled beef immensely, although he pre­ferred the (not cold) half boiled eggs at Mappen Noodle Bar next door.


If Skyview Plaza was any closer to my work place, Oiden Bowl Bar and Menya Mappen would be reg­u­lar haunts for their deli­ciously com­fort­ing Japanese food.

Oiden Bowl Bar is loc­ated at 12 /​537 – 551 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000.