Nestle KitKat Hokkaido Red Bean

Azuki beans from Hokkaido are known for their sweet taste and tender tex­ture. Hokkaido’s cold cli­mate wouldn’t imme­di­ately pro­mote itself as one suited to grow­ing azuki beans, but the short crop rear­ing peri­od for azuki beans make the tem­per­at­ure fluc­tu­ations between day and night in the rich vol­can­ic soil of Hokkaido ideal for grow­ing azuki beans as it increases their car­bo­hydrate con­tent, the secret to their deli­ciousnes.

This Nestle KitKat Hokkaido Red Bean cel­eb­rates these pop­u­lar azuki beans.

They fea­ture wafers sand­wich­ing a sweet azuki bean paste and enrobed in an azuki bean fla­voured dark chocol­ate. The obvi­ous fla­vour com­par­is­on is with the Nestle KitKat Azuki Sandwich that’s inspired by ogura toast, or buttered toast with thickly spread azuki paste, and a lim­ited edi­tion for the Chukyo area around Nagoya.

A pleas­ant smell of sweet azuki and dark chocol­ate comes through on open­ing the pack­aging. The sweet­ness of the azuki beans registers on the pal­ate ahead of the dark chocol­ate, which melts to a smooth mouth­feel before anoth­er wave of azuki beans fla­vour hits as you reach the sand­wich­ing cream, build­ing to a pleas­ant sweet­ness. The bit­ter­ness of the melt­ing dark chocol­ate coun­ters the sweet­ness of the ini­tial azuki, before the melted dark chocol­ate bal­ances that in the second hit. The azuki beans fla­vour in the fin­ish, though, is rich­er as it retains the ori­gin­al azuki beans fla­vour from the enrob­ing chocol­ate.

Overall, the fla­vour is com­par­able to the Azuki Sandwich KitKat, repla­cing the nutty but­ter notes with a sweeter azuki beans fla­vour that’s countered by a dark­er chocol­ate here.

This box of Nestle KitKat Hokkaido Red Bean con­tained 3 mini bars. It was pro­duced in Japan and pur­chased in Osaka Japan in 2015.