Glico Giant Pretz Mustard & Sausage

Kirin sells two of Japan’s most pop­u­lar beers: Kirin Lager, one of the country’s old­est beer brands since 1888, and Ichiban Shibori, a beer that uses only the first press of the wort. At the end of a tour of and straight from Kirin’s Okayama fact­ory, Ichiban Shibori was my first beer ever and a gift shop attached to the fact­ory stocked all sorts of Kirin-inspired goods, includ­ing beer fla­voured chocol­ate and mini-size cans of beer.

One par­tic­u­lar product that caught my eye was Kirin’s col­lab­or­a­tion with Glico Japan for this Glico Giant Pretz Mustard & Sausage that’s meant to pair well as a beer snack with Kirin Lager. With Kirin’s earli­er his­tory of using mal­ted grains and hops impor­ted from Germany and employ­ing German brew­ers to over­see pro­duc­tion, the fla­vours of mus­tard and saus­age make for the per­fect pair­ing. This Pretz is avail­able only at the Kirin factor­ies around Japan, and can­not be pur­chased at inter­na­tion­al air­ports, unlike region-lim­ited Pretz.

Glico Giant Pretz Mustard & Sausage  smell meaty and smoky like a frank­furt and this trans­lates to a deli­cious fla­vour salty pork saus­age in the first bite before the sharp­ness and slight sweet­ness of the mus­tard kicks in mid-bite to leave a mild heat in the fin­ish that builds with each sub­sequent bite. The com­bin­a­tion of salty saus­age with the sweet and sharp kick of mus­tard is abso­lutely more­ish, although the salt­i­ness can be too much as a snack of itself, but prob­ably per­fect for pair­ing with a beer.

This box of Glico Giant Pretz Mustard and Sausage con­tained 16 packs with 2 bis­cuit sticks. It was pro­duced in Japan and pur­chased in Okayama, Japan in 2015.