Glico Pretz Mild Salad

Glico Pretz Mild Salad is a milder and smal­ler ver­sion of the stand­ard Salad Pretz aimed at chil­dren. Indeed, its pack­aging fea­tures Gachapin, a green buck­toothed dino­saur whose the pop­u­lar Japanese children’s tele­vi­sion pro­gram Hirake! Ponkikki. His red Yeti friend Mukku appeared on the Glico Pretz Honey Roast.

The back of the box is a pan­el of com­ics fea­tur­ing Gachapin and Mukku on a moun­tain.

Compared to the stand­ard Glico Pretz Salad, these Pretz are short­er and light­er in col­our with more a muted season­ing that’s less gen­er­ous and without the slight sweet­ness or vin­eg­ar notes that iden­ti­fied the stand­ard Salad Pretz as croutons in a salad. The fla­vour of the bis­cuit is much more pro­nounced, leav­ing a pleas­ant but­tery after­taste. I’d guess that the mild­ness of the season­ing in these Glico Pretz Mild Salad tar­gets the more del­ic­ate taste buds of chil­dren as I find the fla­vour bland com­pared to the fla­vour­some stand­ard Glico Pretz Salad.

This box of Glico Pretz Mild Saladcon­tained 1 bag of ~20 pieces. It was pro­duced in Japan and pur­chased in Okayama, Japan in 2015.