Lupicia Apricot Barley Tea

Taste and fla­vour are curi­ous things. Having lost my sense of taste to a nasty sore throat, I ate apricots as I recovered. The fruits were as apricots should be: small, golden orange with vel­vety skin and flesh. They were smooth and not too juicy but there was no fla­vour or sweet­ness; they tasted just like water. Surely, that was a mis­take, but as I offered half to D, he con­firmed it was the apricots and not my taste buds.

But I was on a mis­sion to con­firm the taste of apricots as earli­er that day, I’d made Lupicia Apricot Barley Tea. After anoth­er fla­vour­less apricot, I sat­is­fied my appet­ite with canned apricots a few days later.

Infusing one tea bag in 800 ml of cold water for 2 hours yields a golden brown liquor with the sweet musky aroma of dried apricots. The sweet notes of apricot come through bright and fresh at the head of each sip before the nut­ti­ness of the bar­ley tea builds in the body. No bit­ter­ness comes through from the bar­ley, allow­ing the musky sweet­ness to return with a refresh­ing faint tart­ness in the fin­ish that recalls some­thing between a plum and a peach. The infu­sion has a clean mouth­feel with slight musky apricot notes linger­ing in the after­taste.

This bag of Lupicia Apricot Barley Tea con­tained 10 tea bags. It was packed in Japan and pur­chased in Kanazawa, Japan in 2015.