Gohobi Herb & Fruits Cordial Kiwi

A kiwifruit soda at Kiefel Coffee in Osaka was one of the standout drinks dur­ing our trip to Japan in 2015, so we were stoked to stumble upon this Gohobi Herb & Fruits Cordial Kiwi at the brand’s store in Kurashiki.

Gohobi recom­mends enjoy­ing the cor­di­al con­cen­trate either diluted as a drink, as an addi­tion to fla­vour tea, or as a top­ping for yoghurt or ice cream and pan­cakes.

The cor­di­al con­cen­trate is dark brown-green and gen­er­ously speckled with black kiwifruit seeds.

At the recom­men­ded ratio of 1 part syr­up to 4 parts water (car­bon­ated or still), the con­cen­trate dilutes with water to a beau­ti­ful yel­low the col­our of golden kiwifruit. The smell and taste of the drink recall the fla­vour of lem­on squash right from the head through to the body, with sweet notes of kiwifruit emer­ging in the fin­ish from the kiwifruit pulp and seeds. The pulp adds tex­ture to an oth­er­wise smooth bever­age, while the seeds also add spurts of intense kiwifruit fla­vour as they’re bit­ten through. The pulp and seeds sink to the base of the cup, though, so most of the intense kiwifruit fla­vour is con­fined to the lat­ter part of the bever­age.

Adding a tea­spoon of the syr­up to 200 ml of Lupicia Kiwi Black Tea adds an enjoy­able nat­ur­al sweet­ness and lifts the fresh­ness of the kiwifruit fla­vour in the tea.

This bottle of Gohobi Herb & Fruits Cordial Kiwi con­tained 200 ml. It was bottled in Japan and pur­chased in Kurashiki, Okayama, Japan in 2015.