Glico Pretz Yaki Morokoshi

Yaki morokoshi is a pop­u­lar sum­mer­time street food in Japan, con­sist­ing of grilled sweet corn fla­voured with soy sauce and but­ter. Its fla­vour is defined by its addict­ive bal­ance of salty, but­tery and car­a­mel­ised sweet fla­vours on corn ker­nels with crisped edges and juicy innards.

Indeed, the fla­vour is so dis­tinct that you’d find numer­ous snacks fla­voured with yaki morokoshi fla­vour. And here we have Glico Pretz Yaki Morokoshi. I love but­ter and corn sep­ar­ately and togeth­er inor­din­ately so this is the per­fect fla­vour.

Each bis­cuit stick, slightly short­er than stand­ard sized Pretz, is covered in yaki morokoshi season­ing. An obvi­ous com­par­is­on is with the Glico Prez Corn from Thailand.

The smell of buttered corn season­ing coat­ing each bis­cuit stick escapes from the pack­aging. It is more­ish from the start and the smell trans­lates through to the taste with soy but­ter notes — much stronger than in Glico Prez Butter – com­ing through on your tongue before a sweet corn hit emerges in the body as the season­ing dis­solves bring a deli­cious savoury sweet com­bin­a­tion. The sweet corn fla­vour fades to the back­ground as the toasted fla­vours of the bis­cuit take over with the soy but­ter in the fin­ish, before return­ing in the after­taste.

This Pretz has a sim­il­ar sweet corn fla­vour to the Glico Pretz Corn from Thailand, but is tasti­er due to the added but­tery fla­vour — but­ter makes everything taste bet­ter!

This box of Glico Pretz Yaki Morikoshi con­tained ~20 pieces. It was pro­duced in Japan and pur­chased in Okayama, Japan in 2015.