Celestial Seasonings Tropical Fruit Iced Herbal Tea

Tisanes that are ready in a couple of minutes after infus­ing in cold water are the epi­tome of con­veni­ence. They’re a step up from sug­ary cor­di­als, while still remain­ing cool and refresh­ing as well as sat­is­fy­ing one’s habit of con­sum­ing teas and tisanes. And this is Celestial Seasonings Tropical Fruit Iced Herbal Tea with a caf­feine-free rooibos base.

Infusing one tea bag in 200 ml of cold water for 8 minutes yields a bright red liquor with the dis­tinct smell of rooibos with trop­ic­al and hibis­cus over­tones. This trans­lates much into the fla­vour of the infu­sion, with mel­low notes of cherry quickly fol­lowed by a sweeter pine­apple and gently acid­ic orange fla­vours in the body. The taste of rooibos emerges towards the second half of the sip, bring­ing woodsy spice-like notes with flor­al hibis­cus under­tones in the fin­ish, and leav­ing a refresh­ing trop­ic­al fla­vour on the pal­ate.

The rooibos base is strong, but the trop­ic­al fla­vours dis­tract the taste buds long enough for it to be enjoy­able. I’d likely reach for my cold infu­sions by Teekanne over this one.

This box of Celestial Seasonings Tropical Fruit Iced Herbal Tea con­tained 40 tea bags. It was packed in the United States of America and pur­chased in Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan in 2014.