Yaa Fang Litchi Jelly Popsicle

The mere men­tion of lychee is enough to grab my atten­tion. Indeed, T once joked that N and I needed a weekly dose of lychee. D shares my obses­sion, so we were keen for these Yaa Fang Litchi Jelly Popsicles after spot­ting them at our loc­al Asian gro­cery store.


Tiny lychee fla­voured jelly pieces are mixed gen­er­ously through­out the lychee fla­voured pops­icle. It’s much like a frozen ver­sion of the pop­u­lar lychee jelly cups, right down to the sub­dued sweet­ness you get from freez­ing sweet foods, but here, the frozen liquid sub­sti­tutes the jelly and the numer­ous tiny jelly pieces sub­sti­tute the single Nata de coco cube. (Fun fact: Nata de coco is pro­duced by fer­ment­ing coconut water!)

Here, the jelly pieces retain their chew­iness des­pite being frozen, adding wel­come tex­ture to the stand­ard pops­icle format, and being stronger in lychee fla­vour than the liquid com­pon­ent, give deli­cious pops of fla­vour.

This box of Yaa Fang Litchi Jelly Popsicle con­tained 5 sticks. It was pro­duced in Taiwan and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2016.