Nestle KitKat Strawberry Cheese Cake


I’m more par­tial to frozen cheese­cakes for their more muted cheese fla­vour. The first and only time I tried a baked cheese­cake in Hong Kong when I was about ten years old, I’d found the taste of cheese so over­whelm­ing that it put me off until these Nestle KitKat Strawberry Cheese Cake.


These KitKats con­sist of wafers sand­wich­ing a straw­berry fla­voured and cheese-infused cream, enrobed in a cream cheese fla­voured white chocol­ate.

They were pre­vi­ously released as a region-lim­ited edi­tion for Yokohama, but have been re-released in a box, shaped and designed after Japan’s most impress­ive nat­ur­al won­ders, Mt. Fuji, with oth­er fam­ous mod­ern and his­tor­ic­al land­marks of gra­cing each of the spring and autumn themed sides.


These KitKats smell of straw­berry with a lightly tangy and mel­low cream cheese note, like of an actu­al straw­berry cheese­cake. As the white chocol­ate enrob­ing the wafers melts, a smooth and rich — but almost not at all cheesy — dairy fla­vour is released that reminds of the tex­ture of a cheese­cake. Creamy straw­berry notes emerge as you crunch through the crisp wafers and com­bine with the sweet­ness of the enrob­ing white chocol­ate to cre­ate an intensely sweet — almost too sweet — rich and creamy fla­vour akin to a thick straw­berry yoghurt with a mild gritty tex­ture. The pres­ence of the cream cheese is in the smell only, which I appre­ci­ate. The sweet­ness and rich­ness of the KitKat, though, means it’s not a fla­vour where you can eat one after anoth­er like the

The cream cheese is prom­in­ent in the smell only, but the sweet­ness and rich­ness of the KitKat means it’s not a fla­vour where you can eat one after anoth­er like the Nestle KitKat Otona no Amasa Green Tea.

This box of Nestle KitKat Strawberry Cheese Cake con­tained 9 mini bars. It was pro­duced in Japan and pur­chased in Osaka, Japan in 2015.