Nestle KitKat Otona no Amasa Premium Hazelnut


The com­bin­a­tion of chocol­ate, hazel­nut and wafer is a recipe for deli­cious­ness. Ferrero Rocher has taught us that much. So this Nestle KitKat Otona no Amasa Premium Hazelnut, which is part of the Adult’s Sweetness series along with the Uji Green Tea, Black and Raspberry, is already off to a good start.


These KitKats put a twist on this clas­sic recipe for deli­cious­ness with wafers sand­wich­ing a hazel­nut cream — not a gian­duia or Nutella — and enrobed in a dark chocol­ate with feuil­let­ine and rum powder through­out. These ‘premi­um’ KitKats each con­tain 2.3% hazel­nut and 0.06% alco­hol.


With most of the KitKats from Japan, the atyp­ic­al fla­vour is what usu­ally grabs the atten­tion of your taste buds. From the first bite of this KitKat, though, you’re aware of a dif­fer­ent tex­ture. Past the ini­tial notes of dark chocol­ate, crispy feuil­let­ine flakes mixed into the chocol­ate give a rich car­a­mel sweet­ness to bal­ance the bit­ter­ness of the chocol­ate. The wafer brings more flaky crispi­ness and as the nut­ti­ness of the hazel­nut cream melts into the chocol­ate, the end res­ult is a rich, sweet and nutty fla­vour akin to Nutella with crispy bits — deli­cious and more­ish. An enjoy­able hint of rum — much more subtle than the Nestle KitKat Rum & Raisin — comes through in the fin­ish to bring this into the ‘adult’ snack cat­egory.

This bag of Nestle KitKat Otona no Amasa Premium Hazelnut con­tained 12 mini bars. It was pro­duced in Japan and pur­chased in Okayama, Japan in 2015.