Nestle KitKat Kobe Pudding


Most know Kobe as being the pro­du­cers of the best-known type of wagyu out­side of Japan. Kobe, how­ever, is also known for its Nada dis­trict, Japan’s top sake pro­du­cing region. And along with Yokohama, Kobe has been an import­ant port city for for­eign trade and win­dow to Western cul­ture for the Japanese. It comes as no sur­prise then, that pud­ding — some­thing akin to a creme car­a­mel — is pop­u­lar among people in Kobe and that its own sig­na­ture Kobe Pudding was born in 1993.

Kobe Pudding is known for its smooth mouth­feel, gentle sweet­ness and rich­ness, but most import­antly, its dis­tinct­ive refresh­ing cit­rus after­taste.


Nestle Japan partnered with Kobe Pudding to trans­late this dis­tinctly Kobe souven­ir into KitKat format with wafers sand­wich­ing a car­a­mel cream and enrobed in a white chocol­ate infused with cit­rus liqueur.


A sweet cus­tard smell is appar­ent on open­ing the pack­aging, which trans­lates into the first bite into the white chocol­ate lay­er of the KitKat. The white chocol­ate melts to a thick, rich and creamy cus­tard with an intense sweet­ness before being bal­anced by a refresh­ing cit­rus hint that emerges towards the back of the body and a pleas­antly mel­low after­taste of a cit­rus infused car­a­mel­ised sug­ar syr­up that’s not boozy, but def­in­itely a liqueur when com­pared to the fresh­er cit­rus notes in the Nestle KitKat Citrus Golden Blend.

This box of Nestle KitKat Kobe Pudding con­tained 12 mini bars. It was pro­duced in Japan and pur­chased in Osaka, Japan in 2015.