N2 Extreme Gelato, Sydney


La Mamma Del Gelato has my two favour­ite gelato fla­vours (water­mel­on and mint, and lime and mint) and Hakiki has my favour­ite ice cream tex­ture, but N₂ Extreme Gelato always has me return­ing their won­der­ful impossibly smooth con­struc­tions.

The new year saw N₂ Extreme Gelato get an interi­or makeover. It’s now a much bright­er space sport­ing near floor-to-ceil­ing chalk­boards walls (they’ve rewrit­ten the fla­vours from the ori­gin­al boards) with wooden floor­ing and benches.


My first vis­it with N in 2016 fea­tured Lemon & Jasmine Sorbet on the menu. I love the mel­low flor­al notes of jas­mine, which are appar­ent in this sorbet. Equally appar­ent, though are the zesty lem­on notes that give a pleas­ant tang to the sweet­ness sorbet. This was deli­ciously refresh­ing on a hot summer’s day.


A couple of weeks later, as if N2 knew N had a crav­ing, there’s Bounty on the menu. It’s a coconut gelato with desic­cated coconut and cocoa nibs, chocol­ate coat, sprinkle of desic­cated coconut and a vegan choc syr­inge. This is quite a light ice cream and less teeth-rot­tingly sweet than the actu­al Bounty chocol­ates. Not being a fan of chocol­ate, N did away with the choc syr­ing, which had solid­i­fied after sit­ting briefly in the ice cream in any case.


I’d nev­er been much intersted in the Ferrero-inspired fla­vours at N2, but N’s crav­ing for Bounty and a box of Christmas chocol­ates at D’s had reawakened by love for Raffaello. It’s essen­tially the only white chocol­ate I like, and I like it more so than many cocoa chocol­ates.

Lucky for me, a few weeks later, N2 brought back Raffaello on their menu. It’s a milk gelato with white chocol­ate coconut fudge and slivered almonds, a roll in desic­cated coconut, and a white chocol­ate coconut syr­inge. This is one deli­cious ice cream! The white chocol­ate coconut fudge is delect­ably chewy and the slivered almonds are gen­er­ous and deliv­er great crunch, while the syr­inge deliv­ers an intense hit of white chocol­ate and coconut that leaves you in no doubt as to the fact that this is a Raffaello ice cream. Yum!

N₂ Extreme Gelato is loc­ated at 43/​1 Dixon St, Sydney NSW 2000.