Madame Flavour Green Jasmine & Pear

When it comes to teas in tea bags pur­chased at a super­mar­ket, Madame Flavour is the brand that dis­tin­guishes itself by using loose leaf grade tea, that is whole rolled tea leaves rather than crushed tea leaves. This res­ults in a sweeter and grassi­er fla­vour without the bit­ter­ness extrac­ted from crushed tea leaves. While oth­er brands may use pyr­am­id-shaped tea bags, this makes less of a dif­fer­ence than the use of loose leaf grade tea. This here is the Madame Flavour Green Jasmine & Pear.

Steeping one tea bag in 200 ml of 80°C water for 90 seconds yields a golden yel­low liquor fra­grant with jas­mine notes. These flor­al notes come through from the first sip and give way briefly to crisp notes of uncooked Packham pears before the earth­i­er notes of Chinese green tea emerge in the lat­ter part of the body. The jas­mine fla­vour is bright without being heady, while the notes of pear are pleas­antly fresh without the acid­ity and fla­vour of cooked pears and do not add a sweet­ness to the green tea. The tea leaves a brief after­taste of jas­mine and a slight linger­ing astrin­gency.

The steep­ing time and tem­per­at­ure I’ve used devi­ate from the recom­men­ded use of freshly boiled water for 2 – 3 minutes, which res­ults in a much too bit­ter and astrin­gent fla­vour.

This box of Madame Flavour Green Jasmine & Pear con­tained 18 pyr­am­ids. The tea ori­gin­ated in Sri Lanka and was pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2016.