Lupicia Apple & Berry


With the scorch­ing sum­mer heat bear­ing down on us — (hon­estly, I can­not under­stand how people can enjoy 35ºC weath­er out­doors, but people do) — I’m always keen for fla­voured teas that would work well as iced teas. I’m reluct­ant — or lazy — to sweeten my teas, so the per­fect can­did­ate for an iced tea is one that comes fla­voured just a tad sweeter than the teas that are best appre­ci­ated hot.

Lupicia Apple & Berry is the per­fect example.


Steeping 2.5g of looseleaf in 200 ml of water at 75°C for 90 seconds yields a pale yel­low-green liquor with the sweet aroma of sweet straw­berry. The pack­aging doesn’t identi­fy the ‘berry’ com­pon­ent as straw­berry, but it’s straw­berry without a doubt. This sweet straw­berry fea­tures prom­in­ently in the head before the refresh­ing crisp­ness of apple emerges briefly in the body ahead of the veget­al notes of the green tea. The straw­berry fla­vour return in the fin­ish to cre­ate a green tea with a smooth, mel­low sweet­ness without the slight­est astrin­gency or linger­ing after­taste. The saf­flower petals in the looseleaf add a pop of col­our but don’t add fla­vour.

It’s a pity that the apple notes don’t come through more strongly. The straw­berry notes have less depth and com­plex­ity than I’d expect from Lupicia, but non­ethe­less, it’s a pleas­ant every­day green tea that smells deli­cious and isn’t too sweet. It recalls T2 Gorgeous Geisha.

This bag of Lupicia Apple & Berry con­tained 50 g. The tea ori­gin­ated in Japan and was pur­chased in Kyoto, Japan in 2015.