Glico Pretz Honey Roast


Hirake! Ponkikki is a pop­u­lar children’s tele­vi­sion show in Japan. Tune-in to Fuji TV mid-morn­ing and you’re bound to come face to face with Gachapin, a green buck­toothed dino­saur, and his friend Mukku, a red Yeti. Both char­ac­ters fea­ture on boxes of Pretz, and here we have Mukku on a box of Honey Roast Pretz by Glico Japan.


Glico Pretz Honey Roast dif­fer from Glico Pretz Roast by repla­cing the sug­ar syr­up coat­ing with one made from honey and leav­ing out the sug­ar crys­tals on the sur­face each bis­cuit stick. The box and each Honey Roast are about two-thirds the size of reg­u­lar Roast Pretz.

Your sense of smell can some­times be your first encounter with pack­aged food and these Honey Roast Pretz release an almost sick­en­ing sweet­ness on open­ing. But first impres­sions can be deceiv­ing. On tast­ing, the sweet­ness of Honey Roast Pretz, which comes through from the start, has a depth that’s accen­ted with flor­al notes from the honey. Past the honey, the but­tery bis­cuit comes through to mel­low the sweet­ness, leav­ing a sweet but­tery fla­vour in the after­taste. I do miss the extra crisp that the sug­ar crys­tals added to Roast Pretz, but the flor­al notes in the sweet­ness make up for it.

This box of Glico Pretz Honey Roast con­tained ~20 bis­cuit sticks. It was pro­duced in Japan and pur­chased in Okayama, Japan in 2015.