BurgerFuel, Blacktown


BurgerFuel is a New Zealand gour­met bur­ger res­taur­ant with an auto­mat­ive theme. A trip to New Zealand in 2013 gave me a first taste of their bur­gers with a spe­cial pro­mo­tion ‘Fush ‘n’ Chups Burger (‘fush’ and ‘chups’ being a play­ful dig at New Zealander accents). Battered fish and chips inside the bur­ger made for a carb-happy bur­ger. BurgerFuel has since expan­ded to three loc­a­tions in Sydney, one at WestPoint in Blacktown.


All the bur­gers have auto­mot­ive-themed names. I go for the Cornflake Charger ($15.00) with ‘crispy fried corn­flake chick­en cooked in duck fat, streaky bacon, melted ched­dar, truffle aioli and rel­ish’.


The ‘crispy fried corn­flake chick­en cooked in duck fat’ is every bit as amaz­ing as it sounds, being super crispy and juicy and made with real, not recon­sti­t­uted, chick­en thigh. The melted ched­dar and streaky bacon gave an added boost of fla­vour that only cheese and bacon can, while the aioli, rel­ish and salad gave fresh and juicy relief to the bur­ger. It sounds like an unhealthy bur­ger, but the fla­vour was worth it!

The whole­meal bun is more healthy than my usu­al pref­er­ence for white bread, but I quite enjoyed its pil­lowy soft innards and good crust that stayed sturdy against the bur­ger innards.


BurgerFuel is known for its licensed Doofer, a fold­ing card­board bur­ger-hold­er. Every bur­ger order comes with at least 1 — up to 2 — doof­ers for you to assemble.


It sits at the base of your bur­ger to hold the innards togeth­er and to catch any juices from below.


The Bacon BBQ Roadster that D was after did not work with my Cornflake Charger on a 2-for-1 coupon, unfor­tu­nately. So D gen­er­ously went instead for the Bastard ($15.00) with ‘100% pure grass fed beef, streaky bacon, smashed avo­cado, melted ched­dar, raw grated beet­root w/​chia seeds, juicy mango, salad, rel­ish and aioli’.

He was gen­er­ally pleased with the bur­ger, although he found it excess­ively juicy from all the veget­ables — so juicy that that doof­er couldn’t con­tain it all — with the beef being slightly over­cooked. The mango soun­ded like an inter­est­ing twist in the bur­ger, but D tasted no trace of it.


These bur­gers may be pricey but they’re big­ger than your aver­age bur­ger at fast food joints like McDonald’s or Hungry Jacks, as well as more ‘gour­met’ bur­ger joints like Grill’d and His Boy Elroy.

BurgerFuel is loc­ated at Level 4, Westpoint Shopping Centre, 17 Patrick St, Blacktown NSW 2148.