Teavana ‘Smores Oolong


A fire-roas­ted marsh­mal­low and a lay­er of chocol­ate sand­wiched between two pieces of gra­ham crack­er? S’mores are a recipe for deli­cious­ness, and this is Teavana ‘Smores Oolong with real marsh­mal­lows. For such an inter­est­ing tea, its list of the ingredi­ents fea­tures cocoa ker­nels, white chocol­ate pieces, carob pieces, cin­na­mon, chocol­ate flakes, chicory root, marsh­mal­low, oolong tea, roas­ted maté, arti­fi­cial fla­vour­ing, bour­bon vanilla pieces, and marigold petals.


Steeping 3 g in 200 ml of 90°C water for 3 minutes yiel­ded a golden liquor that’s semi-opaque from the melted marsh­mal­lows, white chocol­ate pieces, and chocol­ate flakes. I would not recom­mend any­thing oth­er than a stain­less steel infuser if you’re wor­ried about stain­ing.

The liquor has a sur­pris­ingly heady scent of cin­na­mon that is just as pro­nounced in the taste, emer­ging in the head and linger­ing through the after­taste. A sweet chocol­ate note recall­ing a sweetened cacao nib cold brew emerges in the body and com­bines with the cin­na­mon notes to bring me back to the Cinnamon Swirl with Sultanas and Chocolate Bread man­u­fac­tured by Tip Top as a child of the 90s. The oolong is not the star of the tea, mak­ing up only a small pro­por­tion of the com­pon­ents of the tea espe­cially in com­par­is­on to the chicory remain­ing after the infu­sion. It comes through as slight fruity notes along with the woodsy mate in the tail, before giv­ing way to the cin­na­mon after­taste. The infu­sion feels smooth and thin on the tongue, lack­ing the sat­is­fy­ing rich­ness a hot chocol­ate with a marsh­mal­low and a gra­ham crack­er.

The over­whelm­ing pres­ence of cin­na­mon in the tea isn’t some­thing I asso­ci­ate with s’mores, although it does evoke cool autumn nights out­doors spent toast­ing marsh­mal­lows over a bon­fire. But for that reas­on, I find this more of a fest­ive Christmas tea than an s’mores tea.

This bag of Teavana ‘Smores Oolong con­tained 57 g. It was packed in the United States of America and gif­ted by fam­ily vis­it­ing New York, New York, United States of America in 2016.