Nestle KitKat Special Chilli & Passionfruit


For the longest time, I’d avoided foods with chilli like the plague. It wasn’t only recently that I star­ted to appre­ci­ate heat in my food. I’m still not — and prob­ably nev­er will be — enough of a fan to com­mit to a box of Red Pepper KitKats (a fla­vour lim­ited to the Shinshu region), but add pas­sion­fruit and I’m game.

So, this is Nestle KitKat Special Chilli & Passionfruit, exclus­ive to the KitKat Chocolatory stores in Japan. It con­sists of fra­grant wafers sand­wich­ing a pas­sion­fruit cream and enrobed in a chilli infused dark chocol­ate.


The dark chocol­ate notes are the first to hit your tongue in these KitKats, fol­lowed by the sweet and tangy pas­sion­fruit as you reach the wafers. The heat from the chilli becomes appar­ent in the fin­ish of the first bite and builds with sur­pris­ing vigour by the second bite, cre­at­ing a rich­er mouth­feel for the chocol­ate. The burn from the chilli is not shy or subtle, but neither does it ever become mouth-numb­ing or over­whelm­ing. As the heat builds, the sweet and tangy pas­sion­fruit notes become wel­come relief, com­ple­ment­ing the dark­ness of the chocol­ate and the burn of the chilli, both of which linger in the after­taste. This KitKat is bal­anced per­fectly and immensely enjoy­able.

This box of Nestle KitKat Special Chilli & Passionfruit con­tained 4 mini-bars. It was pro­duced in Japan and was pur­chased in Osaka, Japan in 2015.