Lupicia Elderflower & Chamomile Infusion


Herbal teas can be dif­fi­cult to appre­ci­ate. Chinese herb­al teas, or liang cha, are con­sumed, they say, ‘to cool down the body when it has become ‘over­heated’ due to weath­er or sick­ness’. No one drinks liang cha to enjoy its medi­cin­al and bit­ter taste. While Western herb­al teas gen­er­ally not as unpleas­ant, they are almost always acquired tastes, like ginger, lem­on­grass, anise, cin­na­mon, liquorice root or tulsi.

Herbs I can appre­ci­ate, though, are in Lupicia Elderflower & Chamomile Infusion, one of the very few herb­al teas offered in their leaf-tea focused selec­tion.


Infusing 2.5 g for 5 minutes in 200 ml of just boiled water yields a golden liquor with a sweet flor­al aroma. This aroma comes through the first sip as nat­ur­ally sweet and bright flor­al eld­er­flower notes — much a lightly flor­al honey — before more earthy chamo­mile emerges in the body. An immensely pleas­ant cool­ing sen­sa­tion comes through in the tail from the addi­tion of pep­per­mint and lingers with the flor­al notes into the after­taste. The res­ult is a sur­pris­ing yet immensely enjoy­able refresh­ing fla­vour that’s absent in eld­er­flower or chamo­mile infu­sions alone. In this Elderflower & Chamomile, we see the same atten­tion that Lupicia’s puts into cre­at­ing a bal­anced and refined fla­vour that defines the leaf teas that are its focus.

This bag of Lupicia Elderflower & Chamomile Infusion con­tained 50 g. It was packed in Japan and pur­chased in Kanazawa, Japan in 2015.