Lupicia Apple Barley Tea

Nothing would make me hap­pi­er than repla­cing all the days of sum­mer with those from late autumn, winter or early spring. But we cope with the real­ity of anoth­er scorch­ing Australian sum­mer by con­sum­ing copi­ous amounts of bar­ley tea. This Lupicia Apple Barley Tea fol­lows on from their Lychee Barley Tea.

Infusing 1 tea bag in 800 ml of cold water for 3 hours in the fridge yields a golden brown liquor that smells strongly of crisp apple peel, but noth­ing as sweet as apple juice. These crisp apple notes come through briefly at the head of each sip before the nutty, slightly bit­ter cof­fee-like notes of the bar­ley tea dom­in­ate the body until the apple fla­vour ree­m­erges as a mel­low sweet fin­ish and leaves a refresh­ing after­taste that’s per­fect to cool down with in hot weath­er.

Lupicia sug­gests infus­ing 1 tea bag in 500 ml of cold water for 1 – 2 hours, but I always find that there’s enough fla­vour left for anoth­er infu­sion in 200 ml of hot water. So, I’ve increased both the amount of water used by 200 ml as well as the time for infu­sion by 1 hour to achieve a sim­il­ar strength and fla­vour.

This bag of Lupicia Apple Barley Tea con­tained 10 tea bags. It was packed in Japan and pur­chased in Kanazawa, Ishikawa, Japan in 2015.