Glico Pretz Roast Pretz


Glico Pretz Roast is not far behind Glico Pretz Tomato and Glico Pretz Salad in being a staple fla­vour. For the longest time, I’d assumed Roast Pretz was the ori­gin­al, unseasoned ver­sion of the Tomato and Salad Pretz, tast­ing some­thing like a salted pret­zel with a toasted fla­vour. And I wrong! Of course, if I’d learned to read basic Japanese earli­er, I’d have known that ツぶ ツぶ シュガコット referred to the crys­tal­lised sug­ar coat­ing.


Glico Pretz Roast are sweet, con­trary to my assump­tion, and the crys­tal­lised sug­ar coat­ing makes them super crispy.

After an ini­tial hit of sweet­ness, the but­tery fla­vour of the bis­cuit comes through, leav­ing a sweet but­tery fin­ish. Indeed, the whole exper­i­ence reminds one of eat­ing an extra crunchy Pretzel Cookie (also coated in crys­tal­lised sug­ar) in the tins of Danish Butter Cookies.

So, Glico Pretz Roast are an enjoy­able sweet sur­prise. It’s one that makes sense sit­ting with the oth­er savoury fla­vours as a staple Pretz, although the umami fla­vour of the Tomato fla­vour remains the most addict­ive.

This box of Roast Pretz by Glico Japan con­tained two packs each with ~20 pieces. It was pro­duced in Japan and pur­chased in Osaka, Japan in 2015.