Arnott’s Tim Tam Toffee Apple


As a kid in the 90s, tof­fee apples, or whole apples covered in a hard tof­fee coat­ing with a stick inser­ted as a handle, were a famil­i­ar sight around the fresh pro­duce sec­tion at Woolworths. My par­ents had con­vinced me that they were the store’s sneaky meth­od of hid­ing dam­aged Granny Smith apples, so I spent my child­hood cov­et­ing these red green tof­fee coated apples without ever try­ing one. Then I grew up and lost interest, and our increas­ingly health-con­scious soci­ety means you won’t find them in the super­mar­ket any­more.

Arnott’s, how­ever, brings back these child­hood memor­ies with their Arnott’s Tim Tam Toffee Apple, which is avail­able exclus­ively at Woolworths, and described as hav­ing a crisp apple fla­voured cream with a hint of tof­fee’.


The bis­cuit is col­oured red and fla­voured with tof­fee, remin­is­cent of the red sug­ar candy coat­ing tof­fee apples, while the apple fla­voured cream sand­wiched with­in retains the pale yel­low col­our of apple flesh with the fla­vour of crisp and tart Granny Smith apples. It’s not hard to ima­gine the taste of tof­fee apples — after all, it’s sug­ar and apples — and this Tim Tam smells just like hard tof­fee and apple.

The milk chocol­ate coat­ing melts in your mouth, bring­ing the dry tof­fee bis­cuit togeth­er with the sweet apple cream. While it’s an intrins­ic com­pon­ent of a Tim Tam, the chocol­ate does add an addi­tion­al ele­ment of the sweet­ness that pushes this over into the ‘too sweet’ cat­egory. A more acid­ic apple cream, recall­ing the tart­ness of Granny Smith apples would achieve a bet­ter bal­ance. As it is, I’d eat it again but I’d not pur­chase it again.

This pack­age of Arnott’s Tim Tam Toffee Apple con­tained 9 bis­cuits. It was pro­duced in Australia and was pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2016.