i-Creamy Artisan Gelato, Sydney


In late June, i-Creamy Artisan Gelato relo­cated from beachy Bondi to the hustle and bustle of the Sydney CBD. Late June saw Sydney’s cold­est day in over twenty years, but that didn’t stop D and I, DT and his girl­friend, and a whole bunch of oth­er Sydneysiders from queuing for their gelato.


Many fla­vours of their gelato wins awards at the Royal Easter Show, so their suc­cess is no sur­prise. The gold and sil­ver awards aren’t the only thing that set them apart from the oth­ers in the CBD. Here, they serve gelato in the shape of a rose ($6.90 for two fla­vours, $8.90 for three fla­vours).


Each pet­al is sliced from the tub of gelato using a flat met­al spat­ula before painstak­ingly assembled to resemble a rose. Sorbet (milk-free) fla­vours lack the struc­tur­al integ­rity for turn­ing into a pet­al, but you’re still spoiled for choice with their milk-based fla­vours.

Here, I have Black Sesame (inner) with White Chocolate Miso (out­er). The black ses­ame won sil­ver at the Sydney Royal Cheese and Dairy Show and is a favour­ite, with a good nutty fla­vour and slight grit. D would have pre­ferred the black ses­ame fla­vour to be even stronger, although I found it already a lot stronger than the weak iter­a­tions at oth­er stores. The white chocol­ate miso won gold at the Sydney Royal Cheese and Dairy Show, so I also had high hopes for it. Unfortunately, I’m not a fan — the salt­i­ness from the miso lends a strange, almost plastic, taste to the white chocol­ate, which wasn’t entirely unpleas­ant, but not a fla­vour I’m keen to revis­it.


Not one for the nov­elty of a flower gelato, D insteads opts for scoops (from the top) of Lychee & Coconut Sorbet, Snickers and Black Sesame. The lychee & coconut won gold at the Sydney Royal Cheese and Dairy Show, and is the high­light of the three fla­vours, with punchy trop­ic­al notes of sweet and flor­al lychee, against a more mel­low coconut fla­vour than I often find in coconut fla­voured sorbets. The snick­ers had flecks of chocol­ate through­out a pea­nut but­ter and car­a­mel gelato base, but fell short of really being a Snickers fla­vour as lacked the chewy crunch from the car­a­mel and pea­nuts in a Snickers bar.

With over 20 fla­vours to choose from, I’ll be back to try them out!

i-Creamy Artisan Gelato is loc­ated at Skyview Plaza, Shop 13, 531 – 551 George Street, Sydney NSW 2000.