Cola BBQ Wicked Wings, KFC, Sydney

20160910-dsc07897KFC came out with Cola BBQ Wicked Wings as a lim­ited edi­tion item dur­ing September 2016. They’re described as their ‘fam­ous Wicked Wings drizzled in a deli­cious, sticky Cola BBQ sauce’ and being ‘ser­i­ously fin­ger lick­ing good’. So of course D and I went to check them out. Each pack of wings comes in a black box with a design of chilli pep­pers and sauce mak­ing sure you know these wings are extra ‘wicked’.


The Cola BBQ sauce is the star with noth­ing being done to the Wicked Wings them­selves. There’s no mis­tak­ing the cola is either the smell or the fla­vour of the wings. It’s thick with an addict­ive sweet sharp­ness from the cola fla­vour. Indeed, it reminded D and I of the deli­cious tonkatsu sauce that you find drizzled on crumbed fried chick­en in Japan. The very slight heat typ­ic­al of the Wicked Wings bal­ances the sweet­ness of the sauce, although D would prefer them to be spi­ci­er gen­er­ally. While the dis­tri­bu­tion of the sauce could use some con­sist­ency, import­antly, the coat­ing of the Wings retained their crunchi­ness under the sauce. 20160910-dsc07889

Cola BBQ Wicked Wings are a deli­cious ‘improve­ment’ on the already tasty Wicked Wings.

Cola BBQ Wicked Wings appeared on KFC menus in Sydney, Australia dur­ing September 2016.