Black Star Pastry, Newtown


Black Star Pastry added the Raspberry Lychee Cake ($10.00) to their range last year. And some 6 months later, N and I found the oppor­tun­ity to vis­it their Newtown store and try out this new cake on her birth­day.


We had high hopes that it would hold up to their famed Watermelon and Rose Cake.

According their web­site,

The base is a rich chocol­ate bis­cuit hold­ing up lay­ers of rasp­berry marsh­mal­low and vanilla cream. The lay­ers are a deli­cious bal­ance of tex­ture and taste, with the lychee and the rasp­ber­ries on top it forms the per­fect mouth­ful – you just have to have a mouth big enough.


Each slice of the cake has four lychee halves and four rasp­ber­ries. I take issue with their ‘per­fect mouth­ful’ because fol­low­ing their sug­ges­tion to eat all the com­pon­ents togeth­er, there are only 4 mouth­fuls as the lychees are dif­fi­cult to cut with a fork without squash­ing the rest of the cake. For a $10 cake, I want to savour each bite, regard­less of wheth­er my mouth is big enough to fit a quarter of the cake in my mouth. Unfortunately, I ended up with mouth­fuls of either just lychee or rasp­berry with the cake beneath.


The lychees used are canned, so they’re deli­ciously sweet, but cre­ates a jar­ring con­trast with the very tart rasp­ber­ries. A less acid­ic, more sweet fruit would have com­ple­men­ted bet­ter. The vanilla cream is rose-scen­ted and tasted like a mel­low­er ver­sion of that in the Strawberry Watermelon Cake, while the chocol­ate bis­cuit base was too rich to com­ple­ment the more trop­ic­al and refresh­ing fla­vours of the rest of the cake. The immacu­late bal­ance in fla­vour, fresh­ness, and light­ness of the water­mel­on and rose cake is hard to beat, and the rasp­berry and lychee cake tastes like its young­er sib­ling who loses its own iden­tity in copy­ing its older sib­ling.

Black Star Pastry is loc­ated at 277 Australia St, Newtown NSW 2042.