Whittaker’s Artisan Collection Waikato Grown Aromatic Oolong Tea in Dark Chocolate


Whittaker’s teamed up with loc­al pro­du­cers around New Zealand to cre­ate an Artisan Collection of chocol­ate bars unique to the coun­try. Unlike most region­al products in Japan, which are avail­able only in their region of ori­gin, these are avail­able through­out New Zealand. A recent vis­it saw D’s par­ents return­ing with a selec­tion of the col­lec­tion cour­tesy of his cous­ins. This is Whittaker’s Artisan Collection Waikato Grown Aromatic Oolong Tea in Dark Chocolate.


The bar infuses Whittaker’s 50% dark chocol­ate with single source oolong tea grown by Zealong Teas in the Waikato, a region in the upper North Island of New Zealand.

Zealong roasts their oolong briefly at high tem­per­at­ures so that it takes on hints of fruity fla­vours. This is evid­ent in the chocol­ate with its fra­grant fruity notes against the bit­ter­sweet chocol­ate. It smells much like your kiwifruit (also by Whittaker’s), blue­berry or pas­sion­fruit (by Lindt) in dark chocol­ate.

This dom­in­ant fruity note is also the first fla­vour tasted and builds in intens­ity before becom­ing more flor­al as the chocol­ate melts to a bit­ter­sweet smooth­ness that lingers in the after­taste. With 50% cocoa con­tent, the dark chocol­ate is the per­fect bal­ance of sweet­ness and bit­ter­ness.

I love the fruity notes in oolong for its relief from the more veget­al green teas and malty black teas, but I’m cer­tain I could not identi­fy this as a tea-infused, rather than fruit-fla­voured, dark chocol­ate without the pack­aging. That’s more a reflec­tion of the nature of oolong, though, and explains why it com­ple­ments chocol­ate well.

This bar of Whittaker’s Artisan Collection Waikato Grown Aromatic Oolong Tea in Dark Chocolate con­tained 100 g. It was pro­duced in New Zealand and gif­ted by fam­ily vis­it­ing from Auckland, New Zealand in 2016.