Tetley 100% Steamed Green & A Hint of Lychee


The fla­vour of lychee sits right up at the top with that of yuzu and black ses­ame (and pas­sion­fruit, to a less­er extent now) as the kind of fla­vour I can­not res­ist. Flavour a dessert or a drink or, as we have here, a tea with these notes, and I’m all over it. This is Tetley 100% Steamed Green & A Hint of Lychee.


Steeping one tea bag in 200 ml of water at 80°C water for 80 seconds yields a pale yel­low liquor that smells pleas­antly of fresh and ripe lychees through every sip. The lychee also comes through strongly in the head as a mel­low trop­ic­al flor­al fla­vour that’s sug­gest­ive of sweet­ness without being actu­ally sweet. The fresh veget­al notes of the green tea — much like most Japanese green teas, which are steamed and have a leafy fla­vour unlike the more earthy notes of not pan-fried Chinese green teas — emerges mid­way through the sip in the body and tones down the lychee notes until your pal­ate becomes accus­tomed by the end of the sip and the lychee fla­vour comes back briefly, although less strongly, in the tail. This tea leaves no after­taste.

This box of Tetley 100% Steamed Green & A Hint of Lychee con­tained 18 tea bags. It was packed in Sri Lanka and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2015.