Shortstop Coffee and Donuts, Barangaroo


Much excite­ment accom­pan­ied the open­ing of Melbourne’s Shortstop Coffee and Donuts in Barangaroo. I often lament that Sydney is much smal­ler than oth­er glob­al cit­ies around the world, yet while I work in the CBD, a return trip to Barangaroo is still a good hour out of my way. After months of tempt­ing pho­tos of deli­cious dough­nuts on the inter­net, though, I resolved to wake up early and make my way there before work.


There are twelve items on the menu, vary­ing from raised, cake and filled dough­nuts as well as cruellers.


This is the Earl Grey and Rose ($4.50), made with their clas­sic cake bat­ter mixed with Earl Grey tea before being injec­ted with lem­on myrtle and dipped into a rose water and rose pet­al icing.

An obvi­ous choice for me, the dough­nut is beau­ti­fully fra­grant with pleas­ant flor­al rose notes in the icing and vis­ible specks of Earl Grey tea in the light and fluffy and moist cake. The lem­on myrtle jam gave the dough­nut extra mois­ture and a cit­rus kick that you’d expect from Earl Grey, although I’m not the biggest fan of the linger­ing spi­ci­ness of lem­on myrtle (and explains my dis­like for Pukka’s Lemon & Mandarin Infusion). It’s subtle here.


This is the Cookies & Cream Cake ($4.00), a chocol­ate cake donut base dipped in a cook­ie crumb-laced sour cream glaze and topped with salted chocol­ate cook­ie chunks.


It’s the fluf­fi­est, light­est chocol­ate dough­nut you’ll ever eat. The sweet­ness in the cake is mel­low to counter the sweet­ness in the glaze, whilst the cook­ie crumb on top adds a pleas­ant salt­i­ness.


This is the Maple Walnut and Burnt Butter Raised ($5.00) with their raised dough­nut topped with a rich, brown but­ter glaze and gen­er­ously covered in maple roas­ted wal­nuts.


It’s hard for any­thing with maple syr­up and burnt but­ter to not be deli­cious, and this dough­nut was just that. The burnt but­ter gives a cream­i­ness to the glaze that lends itself well to the slight bit­ter nutty notes of wal­nuts, which have been car­a­mel­ised with maple. It is pil­lowy soft with a wal­nut sit­ting mod­estly on the dough­nut hole.


This is their Tiramisu Filled ($5.50), a new style of dough­nut at Short Stop that’s glazed in a milk chocol­ate & espresso glaze, then filled from the top, with a mas­car­pone cream and topped with a Kahlua creme patis­si­er and fin­ished with car­a­mel­ised white chocol­ate.


The dough­nut is dense com­pared to their cake and raised dough­nuts, which I prefer, but it’s likely required to give the filling a sturdy trans­port. The glaze has a good hit of cof­fee in the chocol­ate, much like a good mocha. I’d have appre­ci­ated a stronger Kahlua hit in the creme patis­si­er, which was pleas­antly mel­low in sweet­ness, while the marscapone provided a fresh relief from the sweet­ness of the glaze. I barely registered the car­a­mel­ised white chocol­ate sprinkled, which was a lot less gen­er­ous than their pro­mo­tion­al


This is their Cookies & Cream Filled ($5.50) with a basic dough­nut base filled with a cook­ie-laced, fluffy vanilla bean pastry cream, topped with a sour cream and cook­ie glaze and fin­ished with chunks of their house made salted chocol­ate cook­ies.


As with the tiram­isu filled, I found the dough­nut base to be quite dense and dry. Again, the pastry cream isn’t very sweet, although the cook­ie-crumbs with­in are imme­di­ately obvi­ous to the pal­ate. The same icing is used as in the Cookies & Cream Cake, and is the main source of sweet­ness, and the cook­ie chunks here are much lar­ger and gen­er­ous.


And finally, this is the New Orleans Iced Coffee Crueller ($4.00), with cocoa added to their clas­sic French Crueller, then dipped into a cold brew cof­fee (Market Lane’s Seasonal Espresso) and vanilla bean glaze (Heilala Vanilla).

This crueller smells amaz­ing like an eleg­ant cof­fee that’s per­fectly sweet and bit­ter and acid­ic. The glaze gives a crisp shell that hides the light and airy chocol­ate innards. There’s no photo of the innards, though, ’cause I inhaled its deli­cious­ness before I remembered.

With such deli­cious dough­nuts, is it a bless­ing or a curse that it’s so out of the way for me?

Shortstop Coffee and Donuts is loc­ated at 3/​23 Barangaroo Ave, Barangaroo NSW 2000.