Lupicia Grenada


Ripe papaya is hard to come by, with papay­as out­side the trop­ics often picked very green for export so that they often start going off before ripen­ing fully. While green papay­as are used in salads in South East Asian cuisine, a papaya in the stages between unripe and ripe is an offens­ive assault on the senses. But, there’s noth­ing like a ripe papaya in the trop­ics, like Hawaii, I’ve read.

Lupicia Grenada is a trop­ic­al black tea fla­voured with guava and papaya cap­tur­ing that per­fect sweet­ness. It’s blen­ded with real fruit pieces and the petals of south­ern flowers and ‘sure to trans­port you to the trop­ics’.


Steeping 3 g of loose leaf in 200 ml of just boiled water for 2.5 minutes yields a clear red­dish-brown liquor with a sweet trop­ic­al fra­grance. The char­ac­ter­ist­ic sweet­ness of ripe papaya comes through strongly in both the smell and taste. There’s the mel­low, slightly flor­al trop­ic­al sweet­ness of papaya — some­where between a fig and a hon­ey­dew mel­on — before the slightly sour and sweet notes of guava — some­where between a straw­berry and a pear — appears briefly and faintly in the body. The sweet­ness of the papaya comes back in the tail to leave a sweet and trop­ic­al after­taste with a slight astrin­gency.

The mel­low nat­ur­al sweet­ness in this black tea makes it a more eleg­ant and enjoy­able trop­ic­al twist on a (sug­ar) sweetened black tea.

This bag of Lupicia Grenada con­tained 50 g. The tea ori­gin­ated in India and Vietnam and was pur­chased in Kyoto, Japan in 2015.