La Banette Pâtisserie, Glebe


La Banette Pâtisserie has beau­ti­ful baked goods and cakes filling up its cab­in­ets and shelves. With its unas­sum­ing front­age, you’d walk right past if not for the delect­able smells of sug­ar and but­ter from baked delights. It’s a stone’s throw from the University of Sydney on the trendy strip that is Glebe Point Road.


This is the mini lem­on meringue tart ($4.00). A full size ver­sion is avail­able.


The lem­on meringue tart has a crisp thin base with a sweet lem­on curd topped with a gen­er­ous dol­lop of meringue. While the meringue looks impress­ive, I’d have pre­ferred either less of it or a much tarter lem­on curd. The sweet­ness of the meringue over­powers the usu­al tangy tart­ness that draws me to lem­on meringue tarts. I’d likely also be more for­giv­ing if it were a marsh­mal­lowy Italian meringue, to give the fluffi­ness some more interest. Perhaps the great­er lem­on curd to meringue ratio in the full size ver­sion bal­ances bet­ter?


This is the mini cof­fee eclair ($4.00). A full size ver­sion is also avail­able.


There’s no miss­ing that this is a cof­fee eclair, as the word ‘cof­fee’ is eleg­antly piped across the top. The choux pastry is per­fectly light, with a gen­er­ous cof­fee fla­voured filling. I have the sweetest of sweet tooths but again, I found the cof­fee filling too sweet and without the subtle bit­ter notes that make the smell and taste of cof­fee so pleas­ant and would have cut through the sweet­ness so well.


While it serves up decent baked goods with gen­er­ous vari­ety, the ser­vice leaves a lot to be desired. On quiet Thursday after­noon around 2pm, the staff emit abso­lutely no warmth or the slight­est indic­a­tion that you’re wel­come as a cus­tom­er. I’m not even talk­ing about ser­vice with a smile — we haven’t got­ten past fri­gid.

La Banette Pâtisserie is loc­ated at 18 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe NSW 2037.