Glico Pretz Ultrafine Consomme


Consomme fla­voured foods appear quite reg­u­larly in Japan, and the only dis­tinc­tion I can draw to beef or chick­en fla­voured foods in Australia is that the fla­vour seems to be rich­er. In any case, this is Glico Pretz Ultrafine Consomme with each bag con­tain­ing 100 pieces of ultrafine bis­cuit sticks dus­ted in con­somme fla­voured season­ing.


The con­somme season­ing is vis­ible along the length of the bis­cuit stick. The smell of the con­somme is rich like a good stock cube, which is spot on as stock is essen­tially con­somme before it’s cla­ri­fied. The con­somme fla­vour is less pro­nounced on eat­ing the Pretz as the bis­cuit stick mel­lows the rich­ness.


These ultra fine bis­cuit sticks (bot­tom) — about as thick as the lead inside a stand­ard pen­cil — are very crispy with great­er sur­face area for the season­ing than stand­ard Pretz (top). Being thin­ner and short­er, though, they’re less sat­is­fy­ing to eat as a single bis­cuit stick as there’s less sub­stance to each bite, but they’re infin­itely sat­is­fy­ing when eaten three at a time for the added crunch — just as well they come in bags of 100.

Overall, their tex­ture and fla­vour remind one fried instant noodles eaten straight from the pack­et with their season­ing. And these Pretz are the essen­tially same thing in a dif­fer­ent shape: crispy wheat and beef/​chicken season­ing. While I enjoy the extra crunch of these ultra thin Pretz, the con­somme fla­vour lacks the more­ish qual­it­ies of Tomato Pretz.

This pack of Glico Pretz Ultrafine Consomme con­tained 100 pieces and was pro­duced in Japan, and pur­chased in Osaka, Japan in 2015.