Burger 10, Glebe


Burger 10 dis­tin­guishes itself by hav­ing a menu with ten bur­gers rep­res­ent­ing 10 coun­tries around the world: America, Australia, China, Greece, Italy, Japan, Lebanon, Mexico, Morocco and Thailand. Covering so many coun­tries, the bur­gers span from the clas­sic (Australia/​America) bur­gers to your more adven­tur­ous (everything else, really, with a non-bur­ger plate of rice topped with a beef patty for Japan).


It’s situ­ated on a corner block along Glebe Point Road with gen­er­ous out­door and indoor seat­ing. For their second birth­day, Burger 10 ran a pro­mo­tion for $8 bur­gers.


This is the one rep­res­ent­ing China: the Pork and Prawns Burger ($8 dur­ing their birth­day pro­mo­tion, $13.50 nor­mally) with a tra­di­tion­al steamed bun, ginger shaos­ing rice wine mar­in­ated pork and prawns patty, cucum­ber, green shal­lots, hoisin sauce and soy mayo.


I had mul­tiple reser­va­tions on order­ing this bur­ger — I’m super averse to ginger and not a big fan of steamed buns — but ever per­suas­ive D con­vinced me to be more adven­tur­ous as I could eat a good clas­sic beef bur­ger else­where. And I’m glad I got this bur­ger!

The meat patty is def­in­itely the high­light — juicy and tender at medi­um rare. The ginger was almost undetect­able in the mar­in­ade, which was oth­er­wise fra­grant atop the hoisin sauce, and the cucum­ber gave the bur­ger a refresh­ing crisp­ness. While the base of the steamed bun did suf­fer a slight sog­gi­ness, I didn’t mind it and it cer­tainly added a decidedly ‘Chinese’ ele­ment to the bur­ger. That said, the gen­er­ous dol­lop of the soy mayo com­prom­ised the struc­tur­al integ­rity of the bur­ger as it caused everything to slide around. While decent for $8, it’s not some­thing I’d return for at full price.


To accom­pany, I try the Lychee & Mint Yoghurt Smoothie ($7.50). This was rather dis­ap­point­ing as there was an over­whelm­ing yoghurt fla­vour with the slight­est hint of mint, and none what­so­ever of lychee.

While likely an anom­aly, the ser­vice on the day was also want­ing. A cus­tom­er ahead of us ordered almost 30 bur­gers for take away without call­ing ahead, so every­one in the more than half empty res­taur­ant at 1pm were forced to wait over thirty for their bur­gers. The staff warned of the wait time, but left a lot of cus­tom­ers annoyed — one lady up and left after a refund. They may make more money now from the single incon­sid­er­ate cus­tom­er, but they’re not going to have many of those oth­er 20 annoyed cus­tom­ers return. Indeed, like me, they may have been a first timer try­ing out their bur­gers dur­ing the pro­mo­tion.

Burger 10 is loc­ated at 39 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe NSW 2037.