Lupicia Yuzu Green Tea

I’m fond of yuzu, so fol­low­ing on from the yuzu posts of recent weeks, this is Lupicia Yuzu Green Tea.

It’s a yuzu fla­voured green tea rather than one made from marmalade without tea leaf, like Muji Yuzu Tea.

Steeping 2.5 g of tea leaf in 200 ml of water at 80°C for 2 minutes, the tea is a trans­lu­cent yel­low col­our with a fra­grant yuzu nose. Served mel­low notes of yuzu rind — some­thing between the acid­ity of lem­ons, the zesti­ness of man­dar­ins and the slight sharp­ness of grapefruits — comes through at the head of each sip before the veget­al notes of green tea emerge prom­in­ently towards the fin­ish with a minor astrin­gency linger­ing with subtle notes of yuzu in the after­taste.

The notes of yuzu are stronger in the smell than in the taste. Yet yuzu and green tea are a per­fect pair­ing, the former bright­en­ing the veget­al notes to cre­ate a refresh­ing tea eas­ily paired with sweeter Asian desserts.

The bag of Lupicia Yuzu Green Tea con­tained 50 g. The tea ori­gin­ated in Japan and was pur­chased in Melbourne, Australia in 2014.