Kasugai Gummy Candy Apple


Gummy candy man­u­fac­tured by Kasugai is bet­ter than any oth­er brand. This Kasugai Gummy Candy Apple is the per­fect example, apple being a ubi­quit­ous fla­vour across most gummy brands.


Every aspect elev­ates Kasugai gummy candy, start­ing from the use of 100% real fruit juice to give the intense fla­vour of fresh apples right from start to fin­ish.


Each gummy is a domed disc with a soft, powdery skin, almost an inch in dia­met­er. Each gummy candy also has an incred­ible mouth­feel that’s beau­ti­fully smooth with the soft­ness of a good chewy jelly, but with a clean­er bite and less chew than Western gummy candy, which makes me think it has a lower gelat­in and high­er starch con­tent. The gummy candy dis­solves without the vis­cos­ity caused by high­er gelat­in con­tent giv­ing the sen­sa­tion of a deli­ciously juicy apple fla­vour.

They are really sat­is­fy­ing gummy candy, and the only thing keep­ing you from devour­ing the entire bag is their indi­vidu­al pack­aging.

This bag of Kasugai Gummy Candy Apple con­tained 107 grams or 27 pieces of indi­vidu­ally wrapped gummy candy. It was pro­duced in Japan and pur­chased in Kobe, Japan in 2015.