Glico Pocky Fuyu no Kuchidoke Chocolate


These past few win­ters, Glico Japan has come out with a sea­son­al Glico Pocky Fuyu no Kuchidoke Chocolate. The name trans­lates to Winter’s Melt-in-your-Mouth Pocky.


True to their name, these Pocky are dus­ted with cocoa powder have a soft chocol­ate fudge coat­ing about 2 – 3 times thick­er than stand­ard Pocky, while the bis­cuit is about 50% thick­er and 2 – 3cm short­er.

The chocol­ate in Fuyu no Kuchidoke Chocolate Pocky is sweeter and milki­er than the dark­er chocol­ate of stand­ard Pocky. The cocoa powder gives the Pocky an ini­tial bit­ter­ness before a fruity sweet­ness emerges as the fudge melts quickly to a deli­ciously creamy con­sist­ency. The use of milk chocol­ate means it melts at lower tem­per­at­ures to give that deli­cious melt-in-your-mouth sen­sa­tion. While I enjoy bit­ing into the thick fudge before reach­ing the cris­pi­er bis­cuit stick is fun, the thick­ness of the fudge skews the fudge to bis­cuit ratio so that the savoury more­ish fla­vours of your stand­ard Pocky are over­whelmed by chocol­ate. The people at Glico Japan account for this by pack­aging them indi­vidu­ally in addi­tion­al bags each with 4 sticks to ensure max­im­um fresh­ness.

This pack of Glico Pocky Fuyu no Kuchidoke Chocolate con­tained 9 packs each with 4 pieces. It was pro­duced in Japan and pur­chased in Osaka, Japan in 2015.