Glico Karu Onion


This is GLico Karu Onion, a baked potato snack using onion and rehyd­rated dehyd­rated potato. Each stick is about 8cm long, hol­low and about 8mm in dia­met­er.

These sticks are deli­ciously addict­ive. Your first bite is a light, crispy tex­ture with salty onion fla­vour from the season­ing that sweeter as you munch through the stick. Their thin hol­low format cre­ates more sur­face area for max­im­um crunch. Indeed, com­pared to potato chips and Pringles, which are made from the same rehyd­rated dehyd­rated potato meth­od, these sticks are crunchi­er and thick­er with the added bonus of being crumb free. Their amaz­ing tex­ture aside, they’re also packed with (cooked) onion fla­vour as they’re not only dus­ted with onion season­ing, but also made with 50% onion (in addi­tion to potato).

I’ve an aver­sion to raw onion, but these cooked onion fla­voured snacks are ser­i­ously sat­is­fy­ing.

This box of Glico Karu Onion was pro­duced in Japan and pur­chased in Hong Kong in 2015.