Doughnut Time, Chippendale


Doughnut Time offers beau­ti­ful hand-dipped dough­nuts with their Central Park store occupy­ing part of the large retail space occu­pied pre­vi­ously by Autolyse.


It’s a very simple set up. All donuts are $6 and dis­played behind a wide win­dow next to the hole in the wall for pay­ment. Their menu changes weekly, with some items being staples or linger­ing for a couple of weeks.

Vegan Fox


This is the Vegan Fox, a vegan dough­nut topped with dark chocol­ate glaze with pista­chios and freeze-dried straw­ber­ries.


The icing to dough­nut ratio was just fine for Vegan Fox. The icing — a tad grainy — covered all of the dough­nut minus the base, and it’s likely that the chocol­ate fla­vour of the icing helped with the ratio. Most of their oth­er iced dough­nuts are col­oured but not fla­voured, which would leave you with a mouth­ful of sug­ar — a point of com­plaint in online reviews of Doughnut Time.


The acid­ity of the freeze dried straw­ber­ries cut through the sweet­ness of the chocol­ate, while the pista­chio gave pleas­ant hints of salt­i­ness and chewy tex­ture to dough­nut — I’d have enjoyed more of both.


The dough­nut itself was quite fluffy and moist, which made for a very deli­cious dough­nut exper­i­ence.

Back for ‘Smore’


This is the Back for ‘Smore’, a chocol­ate cus­tard-filled dough­nut topped with a chocol­ate glaze, crushed bis­cuit and toasted marsh­mal­lows.


The chocol­ate glaze was smooth with no graini­ness, unlike the vegan dark chocol­ate glaze on the Vegan Fox, and being a tad rich­er than the chocol­ate-cus­tard inside the dought­nut, made it per­fect for a chocol­ate lov­er.


The car­a­mel­ised toasted marsh­mal­lows and the savoury gra­ham crack­er crumbs com­ple­ment well with the oth­er­wise sweet dough­nut. The marsh­mal­lows were gen­er­ous, although I’d have enjoyed more gra­ham crack­er crumbs.

The dough­nut was filled to the brim with a chocol­ate cus­tard that was smooth and just the right sweet­ness. Indeed, it tasted much like YoGo chocol­ate yoghurt with a rich­er chocol­ate fla­vour. The chocol­ate cus­tard made this filled dough­nut rather filling, going a fair way more than the glazed dough­nuts to earn its price tag.

At $6, these are def­in­itely at the high­er end for dough­nuts. While they don’t have me return­ing reg­u­larly, I’d be keen to return if an inter­est­ing fla­vour pops up!

Doughnut Time is loc­ated at RB10/​10A, Lower Ground Floor, Central Park, 28 Broadway, Chippendale NSW 2008.