Clipper White Tea with Raspberry


Clipper White Tea with Raspberry is of the few white teas in my col­lec­tion.


Steeping one teabag in 200 ml of 80°C water for 2 minutes yields a pale golden liquor. A strong aroma of fresh — not arti­fi­cial — rasp­ber­ries fills the air dur­ing the infu­sion, markedly more so than oth­er teas. The first notes, though, are of white tea — a light and slightly sweet fla­vour — before bright rasp­berry notes emerge quickly in the body to a strength matched by the aroma when infus­ing. The light­ness of white tea gives a lively fresh­ness to the sweet­ness of the rasp­berry fla­vour that does not take on the slight acid­ic notes of the fresh fruit, which you often find emphas­ised in fruit infu­sions. But of course, this white tea is fla­voured using only rasp­berry and none of the ingredi­ents you’d likely find in fruit infu­sions, such as hibis­cus, rose­hip, black­berry leaves or orange peel that give the infu­sion a heav­ier mouth­feel. As with white tea, the tea itself leaves no after­taste, although mel­low­er rasp­berry notes do linger.

This box of Clipper White Tea with Raspberry con­tained 26 tea bags or 45 g. It was packed in Austalia and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2015.