Nestle KitKat Otona no Amasa Uji Green Tea


Green tea based everything has really taken off in Japan in recent years. From green tea white wine to matcha Kahlua to green tea chocol­ate covered shrimp chips to ramen in green tea based soup, there is no rule when it comes to using green tea. If it’s edible, you can add green tea to it. Even if it’s not edible, you can add green tea to it. So, a matcha KitKat is tame. Indeed, it’s been around for years.


Nestle KitKat Otona no Amasa Uji Green Tea is part of the Otona no Amasa series with its rich­er but less sweet fla­vours more suited to the adult pal­ate. It fea­tures a veget­al green matcha fla­voured chocol­ate with crushed gyok­uro leaves through­out enrob­ing wafers sand­wich­ing a matcha cream also with gyok­uro leaves through­out.


The chocol­ate smells of the sweet­ness and cream­i­ness of a good matcha latte but also reminds of the umami notes of dried gyok­uro leaves. Taking a bite con­firms a com­plex green tea fla­vour — the sweet­ness of the chocol­ate builds as the sweet enrob­ing chocol­ate melts in your mouth before evolving into a pleas­ant briskness as you reach the unsweetened gyukuro matcha cream between the wafers. This bit­ter­ness lingers as a slight astrin­gency in the after­taste. True to being part of the Otona no Amasa series, it’s much rich­er and less sweet than the ordin­ary and region­al KitKats.

The bag of Nestle KitKat Otona no Amasa Uji Green Tea con­tained 12 mini bars. It was man­u­factured in Japan and pur­chased in Osaka, Japan in 2014.