Muji Yuzu Tea


Yuzu is my favour­ite cit­rus, and in Japan, yuzu tea is as com­mon­place as lem­on or kum­quat tea else­where in East Asia, that is, the kind that has no actu­al tea leaf, just cit­rus, hot water and sweeten­er, usu­ally honey. It’s dif­fi­cult to get a hold of yuzu in Australia to make fresh yuzu tea, so this is Muji Yuzu Tea.


The syr­up for the yuzu tea is much like the marmalade-like jars of yuzu tea con­cen­trate with yuzu rind that you can get from Japanese super­mar­kets. It comes in 30g foil sticks. Stir in 120 ml of just boiled water and the yuzu tea is ready. The yuzu tea is fra­grant, and just like the fruit itself, brings togeth­er brightly the fla­vours of the best cit­ruses: the tart and acid­ic qual­it­ies of lem­on, the intense zesti­ness of a man­dar­in, a hint of the sharp­er bit­ter notes of a grapefruit, and also the flor­al notes of lem­on or orange blos­soms.

In con­trast to the jar of yuzu tea bought from a Japanese super­mar­ket, though, this Muji Yuzu Tea extrac­ted more of the sharp­er notes from the yuzu rind, which made it more enjoy­able. That said, both are sweetened — much like a marmalade — and makes yuzu tea per­fect for a cold winter’s day.

This bag of Muji Yuzu Tea con­tained 5 sachets and was pur­chased in Osaka, Japan in 2015.