Lupicia Momo Oolong Super Grade


High qual­ity oolong teas have a unique sweet­ness that make them a pleas­ure to drink. This is most evid­ent in Lupicia Momo Oolong Super Grade, a super­i­or grade Taiwanese pouchong (a lightly oxid­ised oolong) blen­ded with the fla­vour and aroma of Japanese white peach, and accen­ted with pink rose petals.


Steeping 3 g of tea leaf in 200 ml of water at 85°C for 2 minutes yields a first infu­sion with a pale yel­low liquor and the tightly rolled curly leaves of the tea just open­ing. This first infu­sion has sweet aro­mat­ic notes of white peach nec­tar, scen­ted without being heady like per­fume. A sip reveals a slightly veget­al head with the fresh and bright peach notes emer­ging in the body and devel­op­ing with a slightly creamy and lightly flor­al — from the rose petals and the pouchong – fla­vour towards the tail that lingers into the after­taste. There is min­im­al astrin­gency and the peach notes are the per­fect com­ple­ment to the fruity notes of oolong.

Subsequent infu­sions — up to two for the same amount of time and at the same tem­per­at­ure — have a more pro­nounced veget­al fla­vour as the leaves open fully with the white peach notes fad­ing into the back­ground increas­ingly. The bright­ness of the tea from the fla­vour and aroma of the white peach, giv­ing the tea an uplift­ing and refresh­ing qual­ity, makes this one of the most enjoy­able oolongs.

The bag of Lupicia Momo Oolong Super Grade con­tained 50 g. The tea ori­gin­ated in Taiwan and was pur­chased in Tokyo, Japan in 2014.