Chocolate Pie, McDonald’s, Sydney


Chocolate Pies ($1.50) are avail­able at McDonald’s for a lim­ited time dur­ing winter this year. When I’d first heard about them, I’d ima­gined a flaky pastry tri­angle much like the choco pies from McDonald’s in Japan.


Turns out, they’re like McDonald’s apple pies, using the same deep fried pastry and rect­an­gu­lar format.


The chocol­ate innards are a thick chocol­ate cus­tard, rather than mol­ten chocol­atey good­ness I was hop­ing for. There’s a strong chocol­ate fla­vour, but the thick con­sist­ency didn’t com­ple­ment that deep fried pastry, which goes so well with the less thick apple sauce and tangy apple pieces in their apple pies. That said, it’s a decent dessert, but not one I’d choose over their apple pies giv­en the option.

Chocolate Pies appeared on McDonald’s menus in Sydney, Australia dur­ing June 2016.