Tetley Passionfruit with a Twist of Hibiscus

Passionfruit is eas­ily a favour­ite fruit. I remem­ber my first exper­i­ence: D had so enjoyed the pas­sion­fruit at a Christmas din­ner for work that we headed to the super­mar­ket shortly after­wards so we could get some for me to try. It’s a beau­ti­fully fra­grant flor­al and tangy trop­ic­al fla­vour.


This is Tetley Passionfruit with a Twist of Hibiscus. Infusing for 4 minutes in 200 ml of just boiled water releases a golden yel­low liquor with a fra­grant pas­sion­fruit aroma. In short, it smells amaz­ing. The first sip is fruity and acid­ic. As the sip swirls around your mouth, a deli­cious trop­ic­al body with the tangy sweet­ness of ripe pas­sion­fruit — much like fresh pas­sion­fruit — gives way to a flor­al hibis­cus fin­ish note, before return­ing to slightly acid­ic notes of fresh pas­sion­fruit in the after­taste. This infu­sion would be the per­fect sum­mer thirst quench­er with the addi­tion of pas­sion­fruit pulp and sweetened with sug­ar syr­up.

This box of Tetley Passionfruit with a Twist of Hibiscus con­tained 18 tea bags. It was packed in Sri Lanka and pur­chased in Sydney, Australia in 2016.