La Mamma del Gelato Anita, Chippendale


One gelato store in Sydney that serves both of my favour­ite gelato fla­vours. That’s La Mama del Gelato Anita in Central Park with their enorm­ous selec­tion of unusu­al gelato fla­vours along with their staple chocol­ate and mango.


Yet, nine out of ten vis­its will see me with limin­cello (lime and mint) (left) and water­mel­on & mint (right). While limin­cello has always been around, water­mel­on & mint was a late comer to the selec­tion. Since its intro­duc­tion, I’ve ten­ded to order the two — the mint ties the fla­vours togeth­er well. The sour­ness of the limin­cello con­trasts with the sweet­ness of the water­mel­on and mint to cre­ate a refresh­ingly light after lunch dessert. The water­mel­on gelato here is par­tic­u­larly impress­ive, as both its fla­vour and col­our is nat­ur­al unlike the hot pink arti­fi­cial fla­vours at oth­er stores.


On the off chance though, I do try some of the new­er fla­vours they intro­duce. The rock­mel­on (left), again, has a nat­ur­al rock­mel­on fla­vour and col­our. It’s not par­tic­u­larly strong, though, so the sharp­er fla­vours of the pina col­ada (right) that I paired with it drowned out its more subtle fla­vours. That said, the pina col­ada is immensely enjoy­able — there’s des­s­ic­ated coconut through out the gelato, which adds inter­est­ing tex­ture without over­whelm­ing the juicy pine­apple fla­vour. The pina col­ada is a firm #3 favour­ite after the limin­cello and water­mel­on & mint

La Mama del Gelato Anita is loc­ated at Central Park, Ground Floor RG15, 28 Broadway, Chippendale NSW 2008.